Third and Fourth Grade Spring Lessons; Digital Download by Rutabaga Education Garden & Science Curriculum

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Kids will love these Garden-based Science, Nature, and Nutrition Lessons, written for Third and Fourth Grade students (and can also be used with older children).

These Spring Season lessons touch on various topics that promote the know-how to grow a thriving garden while using environmentally responsible practices. Children also review topics covered in past books. This holistic approach encourages lasting garden science comprehension, smart nutritional choices, and conscious Earth citizenry.

Resource Highlights:

  • Ten scaffolded easy to teach lessons that build upon themselves from week to week
  • Cross-curriculum content that brings real-life relevance to other subject areas
  • All-inclusive photos and resources provided, which means less prep time and more time learning outdoors (printable page for kids is also included)
  • Each week has a 4-8 page scripted lesson so that teachers and parents can lead with confidence

Topics Covered Include:

  • Garden Ecosystems and Insect Identification
  • "Do it Yourself" Organic Pest Control
  • "Do it Yourself" Organic Fertilizer
  • Plant Hardiness Zones and Map Reading and Mathematics
  • Mulch for Environmental Health and Conservation
  • Succulents and Plant Propagation
  • Plant Classification and the Citrus Family
  • The Gourd Family and Multiple Uses of these Crops Beyond the Plate
  • The Aster Family and Wildflower Seed Ball Activity
  • Heredity, Heirloom Seeds, and Native American History and Craft

This tested elementary school curriculum makes it easy to have or add garden-based learning to any classroom or home. Kids will not feel like they are doing any "work" while engaging with their environment. Learning about where our food comes from encourages community, collaboration, environmental awareness, and life-long healthy habits.

Having a garden plot is helpful but not needed for these lessons to be impactful!