Rutabaga Education Printables

These Butterfly and Hummingbird Coloring pages go with the Spring Pollinators lessons. The simple design has lots of room to add in all the colors and doodles that your imagination allows. See if you can find any pollinators at work around you today to inspire your coloring.

Coloring Pages - Hummingbird and Butterfly

Crossword Puzzle that references fruits, vegetables and terms from the Rutabaga Garden Education. Fun for all ages. Two Pintables including the Crossword Puzzle and Answer Key.

Crossword Puzzle Printable

A fun Garden-based Scavenger Hunt and Spelling Test. It provides a useful review of what kids learned from Rutabaga in Winter but is fun for ANY AGE or EXPERIENCE. Items can be found in the house or yard. No special materials required! Hints: check your spice rack, cabinets, and freezer for fruits, veggies, herbs, seeds, and all 6 parts of the plant. Learn about Brassica, Pollinators, and Decomposers (5 Pages total with Answer Key).

Scavenger Hunt Printable

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