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Author and Garden Educator

Kaitlin Mitchell

"My goal in creating Rutabaga Education is to provide accessible resources that allow more children and families to get outdoors and grow. I have put my heart and soul into this project, and I appreciate you investing in educating the future ambassadors of our planet. Happy gardening!"

Rutabaga Education is the passion project of Kaitlin Mitchell, a former elementary school educator with a master's degree in Cross-Cultural Education who San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine describes as "an edible gardening evangelist."

This fall marks Kaitlin's seventh year serving as a School Garden Coordinator. She organizes the lessons and supplies that get almost 500 kids growing and learning outdoors every week (30 weeks during the year) in the school garden.

Rutabaga Education donates a portion of its proceeds to school and community garden programs.

In development since 2015, Rutabaga Education works with schools, teachers, parents, families, homeschools, local nurseries, occupational therapists, agriculture and garden clubs to provide structure, teaching standards and exciting tools for all ages and abilities to be curious and successful in garden, science, nature and nutrition to develop lifelong healthy habits personally, for their community and for the planet.

According to Wikipedia, rutabaga is "a root vegetable that originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip." The rutabagas I've seen are stocky, textured, and two-toned. The bottom half is creamy white, and the tops are varying shades of purple and maroon.

You can consume both the root and leaves of a rutabaga plant, but I am more familiar with dishes that incorporate the bottom portion of the plant. Once you get past the root's rough exterior, the buttery yellow inside is slightly sweet and earthy.


Why did I choose the name "Rutabaga"? In all honesty, I l love how it rolls off the tongue. I find it both kitschy and fun.

You'll see - it will "grow" on ya! ~ Kaitlin Mitchell