Recipe Book for Kids

For anyone looking for HEALTHY and ENRICHING activities for kids this summer ... I Picked This! is now available for purchase!! 
* Includes 14 favorite RECIPES and a Green Salad Harvest "How To" from the Rutabaga Education Curriculum.🥬
* All directions are concise and accompanied by photos, with a format that promotes
* The structure is designed to empower kids to make DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS snacks, with little to no help from an adult.
* Each book is spiral bound for COMFORTABLE use and printed on cardstock for DURABILITY.
* All recipes include "Garden Notes" or "Garden Activities" for additional learning on nutrition and GROWING fruits and vegetables.🥑🥦
* Each nutritious snack and activity has been KID-TESTED and APPROVED! 

I Picked This! makes an excellent GIFT for a child or a new chef in your life. It provides both mind and body nourishment while giving kids some skills to make healthy life long choices!