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When people think of starting...

When people think of starting their gardens for the first time, Springtime usually comes to mind.β˜€οΈ 

Fall, though - in my opinion - that's when it's best for novice beginners to really dig in.πŸ’šβ€¨
Below are few reasons to support my theory.

🍁 Numerous warm-season fruits have LONG seed to harvest timelines. Unfortunately, that means you're looking at sometimes months of caring for your plants and keeping away pests and disease before you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

🍁 Many cool-season crops have a much shorter seed to harvest timeline. For example, from seed to harvest, radishes are ready to enjoy in 30-40 days. Other short timeline crops include lettuce and spinach. 

🍁 Fall season temperatures are also much more enjoyable, and you can spend more time enjoying your garden without feeling fatigued. In the summertime, I do my gardening early in the morning or late afternoon. Sweating in the blaring mid day sun doesn't appeal to me, and it's also harder to motivate my children to be out there with me.

🍁 You don't need as much space to grow many of the nutrient-dense cool-season crops. One of my favorite methods of growing greens is in a large pot or whiskey barrel. Within both, you could also tuck in carrot, radish, and beet seeds!

So, novice gardeners, don't wait until spring to test out your multicolored thumbs (because I genuinely don't believe in "green thumb' nonsense - we can all do this). Instead, start thinking about all those delicious and nutritious greens you could be growing in the upcoming months!πŸ’š

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