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When most people think of...

When most people think of eating broccoli (or "Chopping Broccoli" 🎶), they envision broccoli florets.🥦
 Since these plants take up some garden space, we eat the florets and the gigantic broad leaves. These leaves have the same nutrition and are super versatile in how you can enjoy them.👍 At home, I remove the broad leaves from the "spines" or stems and either sauté them as I would spinach or add them into soups or smoothies.🥤
 Today's lunch smoothie consisted of broccoli leaves, bananas, frozen blueberries and strawberries, some almond milk, and a heaping scoop of almond butter.😋
 My boys - who don't love eating broccoli florets (sad, but true) - have no problem sucking down these smoothies.🙌 Although I've never done this, I've also heard you could use the leaves in place of tortillas when making wraps. I'll let you know if we try it!😊 (Side note - did I totally age myself with the SNL - Dana Carvey “Chopping Broccoli” reference? No need to answer.😉) #growingbroccoli #eatingbrocolli #choppingbroccoli #brocollileaves #growingbrassicas #coolseasoncrops #organicgarden #organicgardening #ofganicgardener 💚