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Tiny seeds becoming a beautiful, nourishing fruit-bearing plant

It still amazes me that each one of these tiny seeds has the magic within to become a beautiful, nourishing fruit-bearing plant.πŸ…

Just like people, each seed merely needs the right environment and its own mix of nutrition to reach its full potential.🌿

We always begin with a seed starting soil (we like the organic version from @ebstone_organics ) that we get damp ahead of time. Then, we grab pots or trays (ours are reused season after season) that have a covering to create a greenhouse effect. Retaining the moisture is essential because these seeds need to remain warm and damp to germinate.🌱 T

hen, obvi, you need your seeds! We love the seeds from @sandiegoseedcompany because we know that these babies are the offspring of plants that have thrived in our region.🌴

So, today T and I started some of our warm-season crops, specifically four varieties of tomatoes (Chocolate Stripes, Berkely Tie Dye, Yellow Pear, and Roma), two types of eggplant (Black Beauty and Violetta Lunga), and three varieties of cucumbers (Muncher and Tendergreen).πŸ…πŸ†πŸ₯’

In a few days, we'll hopefully see the magic unfold in the form of tiny sprouts, and then - we'll adjust the environment and add the next step of nutrition (in the form of sunshine/UV Rays).β˜€οΈ

Voila. Nature magic and TLC. A pretty spectacular combo that doesn't ever get old.✨

#warmseasonplanting #warmseasoncrops #growingtomatoesfromseeds #growingeggplant #growingcucumbers