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Three things that keep me humble

Three things (although there are many more - like awkward childhood photos - last pic) that keep me humble.😐
1. Parenting (why Mothers Day is SO very much needed and appreciated) 🌸
2. Owning a small business (and working out of the scary basement)🕷
3. Gardening🥕

This post is not to bore you with my humbling experiences relating to the first two, but to share and talk about . 
With gardening, it doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes the surprises are incredible and validate the time and effort you put into growing your food.🙌
Other times, something goes awry - like the invasion of an unknown pest or the coloring of your leaves or fruits that doesn’t look quite right.🍂 
Regardless, you learn.💡 
I am not someone who learns enough from reading a book or a blog, but rather from talking with people, seeing, doing and experiencing for myself.👨‍🌾

That’s why I always encourage people to start and see what happens. No matter what - you’re giving all your senses an opportunity to be engaged while you gain experience and get chances to connect, reflect, and problem solve.🤔

And, with the right attitude and expectations, no matter what happens - you’ll want to keep trying. That’s because the magic you get to witness firsthand is pretty much, for lack of a better word, magical.✨
If you’re looking to get started but feel overwhelmed, our Tomato Growing Kits are the perfect opportunity to feed your senses and give you a taste of how incredible it is to grow your own food.🍅
They’re going quickly, folks. I already ordered more supplies so that I could provide more kits. Link in my profile. Get yours before they are gone!👆