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This is not a "before...

This is not a "before and after" post. Instead, it's a "before and we're getting there!" situation.🌱 
 We've come a long way, and the list of projects is still pretty long. We can't wait until we can safely allow more volunteers to help make this a space that gets both kids and parents excited about learning together outdoors.🌱 
 Check the state of our school garden in October (swipe left) and how far we've come.🌱 
 If you want to see the process in more detail and keep following along as the garden transforms, please refer to "School Garden Project" in my highlights!🌱 #schoolisgreatatsilvergate #friendsofsilvergate #gardeneducation #gardenenrichment #urbanschoolgarden #schoolgarden #gardenlessons #gardencurriculum