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This is how we are...

This is how we are getting ready for 2021! 🎊 Local friends, below I’ve listed what we will be growing in January.🌿 Rutabagas❤️ Beets Radishes Peas Lettuce Cabbage Cauliflower (Globe, Cheddar, and Graffiti) Kale (Multiple Varieties) Broccoli Carrots Onions (Bunching and by Bulb) Chives Shallots Garlic Mustard Greens Swiss chard Spinach Celery (started from scraps) Calendula Flowers Artichokes Herbs that also do well this month include: Parsley Cilantro Rosemary Thyme Sage Mint Oregano Stevia African Blue Basil Winter Savory Mint (super spreader - plant it in its own pot) Peppermint (same as Mint) New to gardening? You don’t need a fancy setup to get growing. You can start simply with a few crops and pots and by either planting seeds (keep them warm and damp for better germination) or small seedlings.🌱 Have fun, and enjoy the learning journey!💫 DM me with questions.👩‍🌾 . . . . #urbanorganicgardener #coolseasoncrops #sandiegogardening #gardeneducator #gardeningfamily #gardeningwithkids #gardenenrichment