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They say that people sometimes...

They say that people sometimes resemble their pets, but could that be true for plant babies? My favorite flower is the sunflower, and I admire how it approaches each day, literally facing the sun as it rises and travels across the sky, with its held up high and open to receive.🌻

This nature magic is an example of one of the millions of life lessons you'll find in a growing space. They're not hidden but require moments of observation.🌻

So, if recently, your head is swimming with news about what "new normal" life might look like this fall, I recommend taking moments to immerse yourself in nature and look for inspiration and life lessons in your surroundings.🌻

Today, I'm using this flower to remember to stand tall, face the day, and gently sway with whatever blows my way.🌻

#lessonsfromthegarden #gardenlessons #natureinspiration #sunflowers #startedfromseed. #getoutdoorsandgrowsomething

Photo by @sibila.thisisme 🌻