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The newest additions to the...

The newest additions to the school garden are two beautiful blueberry bushes. Thinking of planting your own? Here are a few tips to consider.??
1. Know which varieties grow well in your growing zone (we are in 10b). It doesn't freeze here during the winter, so choosing types with a "low chill requirement" is super important.?

2. Plant more than one, and look for at least two different varieties. Cross-pollination between the two will help with a larger fruit yield.?

3. Blueberries like acidic soil, so I find it helpful to plant them in their own space or container. You can also add amendments like sulfur, an Azalea mix, or the one pictured (scroll through) to help create the right environment. I went with this particular product because it contains peat moss, which helps retain moisture.? ?
Blueberry plants are pretty easy to grow but do require some patience. They can take a couple of years until they bear fruit. However, cross-pollination can shorten the window of time. In the meantime, they are a happy addition to your garden space, and when you eat the first homegrown ripe berry - you'll realize it was worth the wait!?

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