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"Smell like cabbage. Small

"Smell like cabbage. Small hands."🤓
 Usually, when I've made "Cabbage Salad" with kids at school, I get emails and texts from parents asking for the recipe.👍
 Many parents are shocked that their child is raving about the cabbage they got to eat at school. They want to replicate the experience at home! ❤️
 Swipe left for recipe ingredients and directions. If you try it, please let me know what you think! 😊 (Side note - cabbage is a cool season crop that is full of so many nutrients. In SoCal, now is a great time to find them grown fresh and locally!) #eatseasonallyandlocally #cabbagesaladrecipe #nutritionforkids #healthyeatinghabitsforkids #healthyeatinghabitsforlife #recipesforkids #recipesforfamilies