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Rutabaga Kids Camp. I call...

Rutabaga Kids Camp. I call this a Garden Camp, but it's a camp about kindness, compassion, integrity, and building self-esteem. I just use yoga, gardening, art, and making food to make the lessons come to life.✨

I'm grateful for these young learners and all that they taught me this week. Together we created a learning environment that allowed all of us to connect and grow.💚

Due to my own boys' busy schedules and upcoming travel, this is the only week of camp this summer. I can't wait, though, to get back in the gardens with kids again this fall!🍁

@laurawolfstein @andreaparker619 @j9cane @lorrainegalvin @socalumma @cametgirl @calliekarvelis

#gardenlessonsforkids #gardenenrichment #gardencamp #outdoorinstruction #socialemotionallearning #gardeneducation

Photos by @sibila.thisisme ❤️