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Rainbow and Swiss Chard

Do you see the resemblance?🧐

Rainbow and Swiss Chard are part of the Beetroot Family, which is also called the Goosefoot Family.πŸ€”

When you start to see the connections between plants within families, it helps you better understand how and when to grow them, their nutritional commonalities, and how best to enjoy and eat them!πŸ˜‹

The Winter book for 3rd and 4th Grade focuses on common fruit and vegetable garden families (with fun activities, recipes, planting tips, picture book recommendations, and more) to better comprehend healthy garden ecosystems.

😊 The books make the content easy to teach and are interactive and fun for the kids. Just reading about this stuff can be kind of dull to a child, but when they are fully immersed in a fun and interactive experience - the learning happens organically and leaves them curious to know more!πŸ€—

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