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Onions - delicious pest protection...

Onions - delicious pest protection companions!πŸ§…β€¨
Whether you sow by seed or bulb, I always plant a variety of onions among my brassica plants (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, radishes, mustard greens, etc.). Freshly grown onions are not only delicious, but they also help to repel unwanted critters from nibbling on your other crops.πŸ§…

Locally, bulbs are now available for purchase online or at plant nurseries like @walterandersens . When you add them to your fertile and well-draining soil in an area that gets a good deal of sun, remember to sow with the pointy side up and double the length of the bulb to plant at the correct depth.πŸ§…β€¨
So, consider grabbing some seeds or bulbs and including them with your other veggies this fall. In my opi-onion, you'll be doing something beneficial for you and your crops.πŸ§…

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