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My boys were not getting along today.

My boys were not getting along today. πŸ˜‘ It's been a tough week as we are adjusting to our new normal, emotions are a little heightened, and they are two very different kids that have been together quite a lot.

😐 But today's our garden day, and the three of us sat down to make time and space to learn and work together.

πŸƒ We learned about cucumbers, how and why pickles are made, sampled three varieties, made some "Quick Pickles," and then planted peas in the garden.

πŸ₯’ It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but things felt a little less stormy after garden than before.

🌱 They know gardening is special to me, and that I think it's important for them.

We are learning together for each other, and that alone made every second of our "garden" time worth it.πŸ’š