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Lesson about pumpkins

This was WAY more than a lesson about pumpkins…✨

The boys DID learn all about these fruits (their growing season, how you can eat every part, how they’re super healthy, etc). You know, the stuff you'd expect to learn in a lesson about pumpkins.

 However, we also made hypotheses (a term learned in previous lessons) about seed size, color, and quantity. Then we got to test, in a rather messy manner, those hypotheses.

 We reviewed fractions and discussed their connection with multiplication and division. We then incorporated estimation to count our seeds and multiplied piles to get an approximate amount of pumpkin seeds. 

 Snuck in there was a little bit of Spanish because, why not? 🤷🏼‍♀️
 We closed the lesson with the picture book, "How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?" that tied in the math portion from earlier.

 Last, we ended by taking a moment to be present with each other and took some big pumpkin belly breaths.

 The best part? No screens were involved, and we were outside using all of our senses.

 The BEST best part? We connected over a shared experience and made some positive memories.

❤️ Photos by my sweet friend @sibila.thisisme 📸

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