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It's pretty easy for me to get emotional

It's pretty easy for me to get emotional. Especially these days.πŸ˜” Yesterday though - it was a GOOD emotional.

❀️ My boys and I started Week 1 of the FALL Rutabaga book, and I felt incredibly lucky to be learning alongside them. (Just because I write the lessons doesn't mean I am not always learning as well.)

πŸ€“ We agreed that Wednesday afternoons will be our weekly garden time and that we'll do our best to stick to that schedule. I had planned a little beforehand but kept it simple.

πŸ‘ About 20 minutes before teaching, I gathered my 3rd/4th Fall Rutabaga book, our chosen picture book, and a paper pad. I also collected some fruit we had on hand and some cool-season seeds from last year. (For the record, you don't need all of this for your lesson.)

πŸ₯• At 4:00(ish), I had the boys meet me at our outside table, and that was where the magic happened. Honestly, I am with my boys ALL THE TIME. This time felt different. We had a purpose, and we knew that making this fun meant doing our best and working as a team.

πŸ€œπŸ€› I cannot reiterate enough how easy these lessons are to teach, but that's not why they are fantastic (in my humble opinion). Yes, you'll be getting outside, off a screen, and providing real-world relevance to what they are learning online or in a book. That's not even the best part. For us, it creates moments that build confidence, awareness, and connection. Yesterday I didn't know how much we needed that until we were in the middle of it.

😊 The Fall Books will always be available to you, but our "Digging In!" bundle is only available for purchase for FIVE more days (cart will be closing).

πŸ—“ Please don't wait, and let me help your family grow and make memories this fall!

πŸ’š Photos by @sibila.thisisme

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