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It's pretty easy for me...

Go To Post     It's pretty easy for me to get emotional. Especially these days.😔 Yesterday though - it was a GOOD emotional. ❤️ My boys and I started Week 1 of the FALL Rutabaga book, and I felt incredibly lucky to be learning alongside them. (Just because I write the lessons doesn't mean I am not always learning as well.)🤓 We agreed that Wednesday afternoons will be our weekly garden time and that we'll do our best to stick to that schedule. I had planned a little beforehand but kept it simple.👍 About 20 minutes before teaching, I gathered my 3rd/4th Fall Rutabaga book, our chosen picture book, and a paper pad. I also collected some fruit we had on hand and some cool-season seeds from last year. (For the record, you don't need all of this for your lesson.)🥕 At 4:00(ish), I had the boys meet me at our outside table, and that was where the magic happened. Honestly, I am with my boys ALL THE TIME. This time felt different. We had a purpose, and we knew that making this fun meant doing our best and working as a team.🤜🤛 I cannot reiterate enough how easy these lessons are to teach, but that's not why they are fantastic (in my humble opinion). Yes, you'll be getting outside, off a screen, and providing real-world relevance to what they are learning online or in a book. That's not even the best part. For us, it creates moments that build confidence, awareness, and connection. Yesterday I didn't know how much we needed that until we were in the middle of it.😊 The Fall Books will always be available to you, but our "Digging In!" bundle is only available for purchase for FIVE more days (cart will be closing).🗓 Please don't wait, and let me help your family grow and make memories this fall!💚 Photos by @sibila.thisisme #outdooreducation #homeschoolenrichment #outdoorlearning #gardeneducationforkids #gardencurriculum #wellroundedkids #gardenlessons #backtoschool #homeschool2020