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It's a good idea to...

Go To Post     It's a good idea to water your plants...🤷🏼‍♀️   It seems like common sense, but I've learned the hard way these simple watering adjustments make a big difference in my plants' overall health.💦 
 1. Water consistently. If you are watering by hand, maybe it's while you are drinking your morning coffee or include it as part of your kids' daily routine. Those using a watering system with a timer, set it for the same time each day.⏰ 2. Water your plants in the morning. Pests love damp soil, and watering in the afternoon - which leads to the evening - creates a moist environment that is incredibly inviting to unwelcome guests.🐌 3. Water at the base of your plant to get the moisture directly to the roots. Not only will you be more water-wise (less evaporates), but wet leaves can lead to mold and fungus.🦠 4. Don't overwater. If your ordinarily green leaves are looking a little yellow, you may be overwatering. Those leaves will let you know they are thirsty if they look brown or wilted.🍂 #organicgardening #urbangarden #organicgardener #wateringtips #growwhatyoulove #sharewhatyoulove💚