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In case we haven’t met... Hi,...

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Go To Post     In case we haven’t met... Hi, I'm Kaitlin! 👋 I share what I've learned about growing fruits and vegetables with kids and my own family.👩‍🌾 My knowledge is based on personal experience and research.🧐 I write books that are filled with easy to teach and engaging lessons to encourage more kids and families to get outdoors and grow.🌿 I do this because I believe that if you have some knowledge or a gift that can do some good, you should share it.🤷🏼‍♀️ Happy Friday, Everyone! Enjoy your weekend!💚 Photo by @sibila.thisisme #growwhatyoulove #sharewhatyoulove #familygardening #gardeningwithkids #gardenlessons #organicgarden #gardenteacher #gardencoach