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I'm not the only one...

I'm not the only one dreaming about getting kids back into gardens and learning outdoors.🌱
 I've been packing up books for schools that are both looking to kick start a garden program this year or enhance and help organize how they are currently teaching kids while also getting outside.☀️
 What is different about Rutabaga Education's garden-based science, nature, and nutrition lessons are that they make up a scaffolded curriculum that builds upon itself (no matter where you start). I also used my 8+ years of classroom teaching experience and Masters Degree in Cross-Cultural Education to tie in age appropriate math, science, language arts, history, mindfulness, and even some Spanish, giving those topics real-world relevance.👍
 Each Rutabaga Education book is $37, and a three-book set (30 lessons to spend the school year) is $97. That's just $3 and pennies a week for a super easy program to teach (minimum prep and you don't need a garden plot) that is also incredibly impactful.💚
 Get yours today to start planning for this spring or fall!🍎 
 Let's get growing!🌱
 ~ Kaitlin❤️ #gardenenrichment #gardeneducationforkids #gardenactivitiesforkids #gardenlessonsforkids #familygardening #gardencurriculum #gardeningwithkids #handsonlearning First photo taken by my fabulous friend @sibilapyp