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Hi, and Happy Friday!!?

Hi, and Happy Friday!!?

I would love to know about you and your gardening journey.?

Are you curious about starting a garden, just getting your hands in the soil, a few seasons in, super seasoned, getting back to it after taking time off, or simply love to watch others grow??

Do you grow food for yourself, your family, kids with whom you work, or spend time volunteering? (Maybe all the above.)?

What areas could I discuss more to help inspire and teach? (Rutabaga Ed Curriculum books, school garden program, growing at home, what inspires and how I learn, my favorite garden products and businesses - any or all of it).?

Any information is helpful.?

I appreciate your time and insight.?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!?

#gardeneducator #gardenenrichment #growyourownfood #growfoodwithkids #gardeninspiration #gardeneducation ?

Photo by @sibila.thisisme ?