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Happy Friday, Everyone!!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!🎉

It’s been a week - hasn’t it? 😕 I know many of you in this community give a lot, and it’s easy to feel depleted at the end of the day.

😐 I’m teaching a one-on-one garden lesson this weekend to a very dear friend, which is an activity that fills my bucket.

🙂 It’s a sneaky way to get a break from mama duties, I get some girl time, and I get to share something I love.

💚 I hope you all do something this weekend that fills your bucket.

❤️ For real - we deserve it!👏 p.s. Do you have Zinnias in your garden? One of my fave companion plants (attract pollinators and ladybugs, repel some of the pests you don’t want around, and are so darn pretty).