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Figuring out how to make...

Figuring out how to make garden instruction effective for 400+ students every week is a combo of having an incredible community of volunteers 🙌, structured lessons in place👍, and a thought out planting schedule that allows each child to fully experience seed to harvest magic and the attention and care along the way.🤜🤛

This week, all of our kids are introduced to the garden spaces while learning about warm v cool-season planting.🍁

4th graders - they’re also getting the vermicomposter (red wriggler worm composter) going while learning all about the proper Nitrogen (greens) and Carbon (browns) ratio to create the most productive ecosystem for decomposition.🪱

3rd graders - they’ll be direct sowing the seeds for a diverse variety of lettuces for our salad bar.🥬

2nd graders - they are starting seeds in small pots for both cabbage and chard. Some seedlings will later transfer into the garden, and many of these will be sent home with instructions.📝 

1st graders - they are direct sowing the seeds into our subway garden. That means they are planting radish, carrot, beet, rutabaga, parsnip, and turnip seeds.🥕

Kinder - it’s brainstorming time to plan which cool-season crops they’ll be planting in their designated classroom growing space.🤔

We’re accomplishing a lot, and I can’t wait to see these gardens come to life with the kids, parents, and obvi - all of the crops!!💚

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