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Every season, I want to grow it all!

It happens every season. I want to grow it all!🥰

😬I've already overtaken more than my kitchen counter allotment for seedlings, and what I'm currently planning for our urban garden is getting a tad congested.

❤️All good tho - I dig puzzles and figuring out how to maximize space is good for my brain. Plus, there are always friends with whom I can share any extra plants. (Giving people plants and the food we've grown is my love language.)

So, I've officially justified (in my head) why it's never a bad idea to keep planting these seeds and watching the magic unfold.✨

☀️These are what I've sown and currently dreaming about so far for this spring and summer...

Tomatoes (every variety I can get my hands on) Cucumbers (slicing, pickling, and even giving luffas a "go") Eggplant (once again - every variety I can get my hands on) Corn (some for eating and some for decor) Pumpkins (this year we plan to grow and eat them all) Peppers (going to spice it up) Watermelon (big and small varieties) Zucchini (we eat this daily during the summer) If you're new to gardening,

🌱I hope you also plant some seeds this spring (I always recommend seed starting soil) and see what grows!

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