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Eggshells to give my plants a little Calcium boost

Rain is in the forecast! Isn't that "egg-citing"?πŸ€“

That means I'm going to use these eggshells to give my plants a little Calcium boost. Just like Calcium helps us build strong bones, it also helps plants build stable structures by strengthening the plant cell walls.

🌿 So - why is rain prompting me to do this? Well, when the Nitrogen rich rain comes, Calcium will seep into the soil and eventually make it's way to the plants' roots.

🌱 This is what we do. Once I thoroughly dry out the shells, I roll them out with a rolling pin or stick them into a blender to create an easily absorbable powder.

πŸ₯š Then I side-dress (that just means placing it to the side or a circle around) the powder around my vegetable plants that look like they could use a little love.

πŸ’š (You can also add some Magnesium to your soil by side-dressing your plants with some Epsom Salt. Magnesium is the macronutrient at the heart of producing Chlorophyll. During warm seasons it also is super beneficial for your fruit-bearing plants.

πŸ‘ That’s it. Happy Friday Everyone! if rain is heading to your neck of the wood, I hope you enjoy it doing something "cozy" and that your soul and your plants get some needed nourishment.❀️

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