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Details - Mother's Day Tomato Growing Kits

Details. They're kind of important to me.πŸ€“ It's the details that make our Mother's Day Tomato Growing Kits so incredibly special.

❀️ First, let's talk about the plants. 🌱 Tomato plants are typically categorized as Determinate or Indeterminate. I've special ordered a disease-resistant, non-GMO semi-Determinate plant variety, whose size suits the 10-gallon grow bag and is known for clusters of red medium-sized flavorful fruits.πŸ…

Sweet Basil. Not only does companion planting basil with tomatoes enhance flavor, but it also deters pests. I was particular about the variety of sweet basil chosen for this kit due to its beauty, flavor, and resistance to disease.πŸ˜‹ and πŸ’ͺThe Marigolds. These are my favorite flowers. I've also chosen my favorite variety for this kit due to the vibrant multi-color hues and the flowers' ability to ward off hornworms but attract needed pollinators.🐝 

Now - all the accoutrements (aka - the other stuff).✨The Grow Bags. I experimented a lot with different sizes, materials, and companies. These experiences taught me a lot about the importance of quality. The grow bags chosen promote healthy root growth, and you can reuse them over and over and over again. Also - they're made in the USA. (To note - everything in this kit is made in the US and grown locally).πŸ‘

The "How To" Growing Guide and Kit Instructions. There's a LOT of tomato growing information out there, and I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed. The growing guide and instructions included in the kits are simple and SO doable. I want you (both experienced and novice gardeners) to succeed and feel confident - so that this grow kit makes you want to grow more.😊

Three 4' long Redwood Trellising Stakes. In the long run, I find it's better to splurge on this type of wooden stake due to Redwood's natural ability to be resistant to insects and decay.πŸ’ͺ

The Extra Stuff (Notecard, Fertilizer, Extra Twine). It is all put together with thought to promote success and truly put a smile on your face (if you're gifting yourself) or brighten the day for someone you love.Β