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😍 Baby berries

You guys, look at all of the baby berries!

For years, this plant produced a sad amount of berries.😐

Then - we got a second blueberry plant, and we’ve been harvesting (and our dog has been eating) massive amounts of berries every late spring and summer since!😊

The reason being is that perennial flowering blueberry plants do self-pollinate to an extent, but if you want larger berries and overall harvest, you should get a second one.🤜🤛

Ours are each in their own whiskey barrel - about 4 feet away from each other, and this has been the result. (I'll post another pic of them ripened when the time arises!)👍

💚 So, if you get a blueberry plant this spring, make sure also to pick up a buddy!

❤️ Photo by @sibila.thisisme

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