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Garden-based Science Books

Get Outdoors and Grow

Easy scaffolded lesson plans to add garden-based learning to any classroom or home.

Rutabaga has an inspiring mission to serve schools and families.

To provide accessible teaching resources that create hands-on and meaningful experiences for teachers and families to "dig in" and connect while learning about their food and how we can all help care for our planet.

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"An impactful garden program builds community and school pride; Rutabaga Education Curriculum has given our elementary school a Tremendous framework for students and parents to participate in year after year!“

Maria Fowler, Principal, Silver Gate Elementary School

"These books are magical! I ordered them for our school and have loved all the lessons I have had a chance to try with my students. Colleagues are using them too. I miss being in the garden at school and will continue to work with students to keep them gardening this summer at their homes."

@writefromthegarden, Parent and Elementary Teacher

“I LOVE everything about the lesson development from the beginning to the end. The pictures and all the tips & suggestions are so helpful. I can tell that thoughtfulness and effort went into each & every part of the lessons. I would highly recommend this program for a preschool & even into k-4 school system. It’s laid out in an easy-to-follow format!"

Christa Collins, Parent and Preschool Teacher

Absolutely love these books! My kindergarteners have learned so very much. I love how there are lessons paired with favorite childrens books as well. Each lesson is well thought out and easy to follow. All lessons are mapped out for you with a great materials list that is not too time consuming to put together. Out of all of the subjects I teach, gardening is now one of the most rewarding! Thank you Rutabaga Education!

Kelly Siegal, Kindergarten Teacher

What Kaitlin has created with this curriculum is delivery-ready material. It enables busy educators and parents a truly meaty, well-rounded, age-appropriate, seasonally-specific set of education, activities and support suggestions that can be readily adopted and delivered without hours and hours of additional research and personal education. It's a short course without shortcuts, and has been instrumental in focusing our teaching at our school. It plays as well as single grade-level classroom-extension learning as it does after-school mixed age group learning, adding complexity and depth of vocabulary and content as the child ages through elementary school. Thank you Kaitlin for the heavy lifting to give elementary schools such an enormous jump-start in delivering this kind of material in schools.

Jennifer Seagert, Teacher

I don’t know a whole lot about gardening but after purchasing this treasure and reading through it, I am more than ready to start my own class garden this year. The author practically holds your hand as she walks you through each lesson. All bases are covered! She ties in literature and includes many optional supplemental activities for each lesson. My students are going to love gardening and so will I!

Stacie H.